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Mobile Home Flipping

and Investing in Mobile Homes

along with Investing in Mobile Home Parks Can

be Very Profitable!

Mobile Home Fliiping Can Be Very Profitable

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Mobile Home Flipping

Mobile home flipping and Investing in mobile home parks is becoming so popular that even Warren Buffet, who is one of the world's richest business men is very much into investing in mobile home parks and is more than likely part of the new mobile home flipping new frenzy. The reason for this is investing in new mobile homes costs far less than a stick built home to build and is roughly about $30 per sq. ft.! This makes mobile home flipping possible for even new construction. For Billionaire investors like Warren Buffett, who is known for his keen eye to great value and low costs, is the exact reason why he is the largest owner of mobile home manufacturing and financing in the United States. There is a very large and fluid secondary market for mobile homes and mobile home flipping on top of that. This is a market where homes can sell as low as $1,000. Private owners and mobile home park owners and lenders make these homes available through repossessions.

So what does all this mean for mobile home flipping? This means that there are plenty of buyers and buyers that want fixed up mobile homes since they are cheap and very affordable for all levels of income! Think about this figure for a minute, the annual household income for 20% of all Americans is NOT even $20,000. This is 60 million people that are under the $20,000 a year barrier! What a huge opportunity! If you don't want to be a landlord, YOU can be involved in mobile home flipping! We have seen people that make $25,00 in 6 months and don't have very much experience at all that get involved in mobile home flipping!